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Greed Emotion or sickness? December 7, 2012

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greed Noun /grēd/ 

noun: greediness, avidity, avarice, cupidity, rapacity,gluttony, voracity, covetousness, lust

  1. Intense and selfish desire for something, esp. wealth, power, or food

The vast majority will not fully read this blog and those that do will dismiss it as they do not want to hear the truth.

Greed is nothing new it has been around since the dawn of man. It has caused wars and family destruction.

We all have a greed of money to some extent. The vast majority of us can keep it in check or at least to a healthy perspective. I consider this an emotion.

It is when people cross the line of greed being a sickness that has become a plague. It has overcome Wall Street, top shareholders and C-Level staffs.

Greed the Sickness:

When greed the sickness starts to take over the person it starts by clouding their judgement to what is morally right. The person is still capable of making rational decisions at this point. The further the sickness progresses the person will see friends and family as a means to increase their own wealth. This will eventually cross over into their corporate world as they are being pressured by major shareholders who have already succumbed to the sickness want more and higher dividends. 

It becomes so overwhelming that their thought process is just filled with how can I get more. It is just as bad as a heroin addiction. You get a fix which gives you a short lived high then you are back wanting more. 

They are now totally run by greed and have lost all possible ability for rational thought. The only thoughts are how do I get more and where can I get more. 

Even when they gather among themselves they are planning and plotting the demise of those they see as weaker and an easy target to gain their wealth.

I recently had a discussion or at least tried to, on how Corporate America has forgotten the basics of business. Their must be free cash in the market in order for the market to survive. The main markets were the United States Europe and Japan. With the concept of cheap labor in China and the mass migration to it caused by greed has led to the destruction of the markets.

How you ask?  By going to offshore cheap labor it reduced the need for domestic labor which was laid off. Wait the answer to your problem is to cause damage to your greatest market just so that you can have more money. How can this be rational thought?  The answer they gave themselves is, it is okay China will be the new market. But wait you are in China for the cheap labor how will they be able to afford the high price of your products?  Once in China they found out the costs were higher than expected due to corruption and that China is protective of their own market. 

Back in their home markets with so many people unemployed and no one hiring the market is loosing free cash and starting to dry up. People have less buying power and have to spend only on essentials which do not include your products. So now your demand goes down and supply goes up. Normally you would drive prices down to diminish supply down to the equilibrium point. But you are greedy so you leave prices the same or increase them and seek new markets. The greed plague has taken over the other large markets so your option is to develop new markets. That is too costly and you need a fix now as you are going through withdrawals. lay off more people take you company to bare bone lean and mean. Damn the morale full speed ahead. Wait you just further destroyed your best market what are you thinking? Oh yes just how to get more money in your pocket. 

People use to laugh at me when 5 years ago I started saying, “Welcome to America the next Third World Nation.”  The people are not laughing so much any more.

The world is slowly turning back into the haves and the have not. When it reaches the point the haves will turn on each other in order to further their have attitude. At some point when it is down to only one have left the people will revolt and start over again.

We in America look to Washington to protect us and stop this insanity but the money mongers have joined forces with the power mongers and their is no hope for the masses.

The money mongers do not care about anyone or anything except wealth. It has taken over their every thought. They cannot see anything but how to make more money. They no longer care about leadership or morals. They lack compassion and understanding. They are completely consumed by greed. They cannot see that they are destroying themselves and their business(es) in pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

Some will tell me that the market will once again find its equilibrium point. I believe these people are hoping it does but I think deep in their hearts know better. It is just what they tell themselves to sleep better at night. 

Those of us that are awake and alert can see the truth and we must put the word out to awaken others.

As long as we stay a debt based nation we will remain in trouble. As long as manufacturing stays offshore we will be in trouble.  History has proved that manufacturing nations are always stronger. That governments that print their own money have more prosperity. As long as the Federal Reserve controls our money we will be in trouble. The same holds true for England and other countries where banks control the money. The banks are owned and operated by money mongers who have succumb to greed. They want to keep countries under their control and under debt so that they can make even more money.

Greed has taken over as the supreme ruler of the world.


Farewell my fellow seekers August 23, 2011

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I have decided to devote my time to my passion which is leadership. My thoughts are to fix the top to make it better for those at the bottom and maybe in some round about way it will create more jobs for you my friends.

Therfore this will be my last post here.

I have also downsized my business to follow my passion as well so while the name Evolution Career Business Leadership wil remain for now my concentration will be on leadership only.

I wish you the best and much luck in your endeavor to fins that elusive position that you desire.

Thank you for following my posts.

The beatings will commence….. July 15, 2011

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Remember that old joke we use to hear when we worked and morale was low?

“The beatings will commence and will continue until morale improves”

It seems that they have adopted that to the unemployed, the beating will commence and will continue until you are empployed.

Like the old joke it was as if it was your fault that morale was low and that it is your fault that you are unemployed.

As in either case the one truly responsible will never admit that it is really their fault.

Lets take a twist on a Harry Potter character One whose name shall not be mentioned and adopt it to the situation and call him/her the one who shall not be named.

It makes it that much harder on concentrating on finding a job when you feel that companies are beating you down for being in the situation your in like it is your fault.

A number of you are probably still asking yourself what did I do wrong to deserve this and maybe I am not as good as I thought I was. Stop  that type of thinking because it had nothing to do with you.

A company needs to cut X number of dollars out of the budget. They tell an accountant eliminate X number of dollars.

You are not Mary, Sam or Nancy you are a number a dollar figure to the accountant as they don’t know you just what it cost the company to have you there. They work their formulas and math until the X value is reached. If your number was in the equation then you are gone. It doesn’t matter how good you are you just happen to have the wrong number at the right time.

A company will get rid of deadwood and weight in the first round of layoffs. They will also get rid of what they consider pure overhead, HR and Quality are big hits for these.

So if you survived the first or second round before getting laid off it wasn’t that you did something wrong it is just you fit the equation.

Now the problem is that companies are doing a number of wrong things. Here is a list,

1.) Running too lean

2.) Hunkering down to wait out the storm

3.) Hording money

4.) Mergers and Acquisitions M&A (actually this is a good time for that it is what typically happens)

5.) not taking risk to continue to grow the company and business.

M&A is bad for the job seeker because it places even more talented people in the job pool which is already overcrowded as it is.

M&A is not helping the economy because there will be more people not spending because they need every penny to try and survive. Also the ones that still have jobs will not spend for fear that another round of cuts will be imminent.

Despite what the economist, business analyst and politicians say I do not think we have hit bottom yet and the ground we walk on is unstable at best.

I know that you don’t want to hear that but it helps to know the reality so we can better strategize how to move forward. This is war! Only the strong will survive!

Let me know what you think?

What is your story and how can we help?

Another slap in the face by Congress! June 15, 2011

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Some of you may know already but for those that don’t. Congress is trying to push through a bill H1745 and S. 904 both sponsored by Republicans that would allow states to take the Federal monies earmarked for the unemployed and give it to corporations in the form of tax cuts.  To what purpose this would serve is beyond comprehension. Unless the idea is quicken this country to becoming the next third world nation.

If this bill passes and states invoke it it will further destroy the economy. It will cause more bankruptcy and homelessness. It will destroy families already on the brink of destruction.  It will increase heath care costs from stress related illnesses and burden tax payers as they people will not be able to afford the already high prices of health care so many will do with out.

Write directly to your Representative and Senator and tell them what an insane bill you think this is. Get your friends and family to write as well.

Do I go or do I stay? Part 1 June 13, 2011

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Upon typing the title I realized that it has two purposes one for job seekers and one for employed people thinking of jumping ship.

Part 1 will be for seekers and part 2 will be for employed.

As workers we do not have control over the markets or the shifts in markets. Sometimes the markets will shift geographically for economical reason for the company.

This creates situations that will instill fear into the hearts of brave men and women. The decision to stay or to go.

For the new graduates entering the work world your family is your security blanket your fall back plan until you have established yourself enough to be on your own. To be independent.

For the experienced worker. You have bought a house you have have a family you have friends….you are comfortable in your surroundings. Your family needs you to be close so that you can watch out over them. It is a tough world and you want the best  for your children and you want to see your grandchildren grow up.

When I was working in the electronics industry I knew that I had a limited choice of places to work. What I called the hot spots, Boston, Phoenix, California, Washington(state), New Mexico and Texas.  That changed in recent years and has seemed to dwindle down to Silicon Valley as being the last hot spot for electronics. Yes there are small scatterings of electronics throughout the country but it isn’t like the hubs of old when you could feel more secure about going to an area where there may be multiple opportunities.

So the choice boils down to this; do I stay and find a new field and struggle to work my way to the top or do I follow my passion and move to where the job is?

You  have a choice of moving the whole family or going out by yourself and just rent a room. You can come home once in awhile while you establish yourself and get comfortable enough to bring the rest of the family out.  This allows you time to find the right neighborhood with the right schools before bringing everyone out.

You always have a choice to stay find lower paying work and struggle or not find work because you are overqualified or not qualified for the new field and wind up homeless. Who have you served by doing this? Your family situation is not one of love peace and harmony. The stress is effecting everyone.  Your wife may have to go out and find work to make up the difference between what you used to make and what you are making now and in most cases that isn’t enough either. Then who will watch the grandchildren because their mother has to work to make ends meet.

Fear is what holds you place. Fear of the unknown, meeting new people making new friends, selling the old house and buying a new one in an unstable market.

The alternative is maintaining the job you are passionate about, the one you are qualified for, the one that may still have upward mobility opportunities with it.  The ability to still support your family.

Distance isn’t the enemy not in this age of text messages, video calls, Skype, Internet, and transportation.

I told my children 2 years ago I love you to death but I have to go where the jobs are even if is off-shore. They understood.

The easy decision isn’t always the right one and the tough ones are the hardest to make but usually are the best because they have been well thought out and planned.

So do you stay and everyone possibly suffers or do you go and embrace a new world and opportunity?

What are you going to do?

What has been your experience if you stayed?

What has been your experienced if you went?

Rapture is a bust get back to your job search! May 23, 2011

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I am sure that most of you were hoping that at 6 PM last Saturday that you would be floating up to heaven and no longer had to worry about searching for that elusive job.

Well, I didn’t see any souls going to heaven and I didn’t feel any earthquake as I left my part time job at 6 PM for the walk home. I am glad I didn’t purchase the anti-vibration pads for my shoes for the stagger home!

I know some of you will tell me but we can hope can’t we? My reply would be without hope we cannot persevere through these trying times.

Hope is what drives us to keep getting up every morning and applying for more jobs. We all hope today will be the day.

I know the ones that have been unemployed for more than 99 weeks ( or 27 monthers as we call ourselves around here) may not have had enough worldly positions left to sell to make a dent in anything so I hope you didn’t succumb to doing that because now things are even worse.

I am hoping that no one drank the Kool-Aid Saturday!

Some may have felt that this was the escape for the worries and drudgery of job hunting. Some may have wished real hard that this guy was right and that there misery here on earth will come to an end. That they and their family could rejoice in heaven and live in peace. It is a nice dream but it isn’t reality as there is no proof that heaven even exists it is all based on faith in the belief that it does not on facts.

The reality is that we are still here and the we have to continue the struggle.

In closing I will just say be aware of those who would prey on people such as us and take advantage of us while we are desperate. DO NOT BUY any tickets to the Real Rapture, date to be announced later. It is a scam and I would hate to see any unemployed people fall for it.

A tuff row to hoe!! May 5, 2011

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Well I am sure that the latest news of unemployment jumping up have some of you pulling your hair out or becoming despaired.  It certainly isn’t making your life any easier especially if you are a 27+ weeker.

It may be time to face the reality that our nation is in deep trouble and the end doesn’t seem to be in sight. You may have to face the facts that the job you use to do is not going to be available for some time. The last I heard was 2018 to get back to prerecession numbers and that may not be that solid now.

I am not being negative here I am being realistic and it is time for you to do the same. What was your fall back plan your plan B? Did you have one?

It is time for some deep reflection and skill analysis and ask yourself what else can I do that would get me hired somewhere.

I myself am having a hard time having been a 27+weeker and took a job at Lowe’s working weekends and holidays. I work $20 hrs a week for about $11/hr. It isn’t as living but I can survive with the help of my oldest son.

My background was in electronics and management but I have come to the realization that those jobs are gone and that companies are no longer interested in what is being deemed servant leadership.

I have the business I started in 2010 just before my benefits ran out and it is a struggle in this economy to find work but yet I refuse to give in.

I will find a way to get back on my feet and be proud again. I am sure that you can do the same. It is time to re-invent yourself in order to survive.

We cannot rely on corporate America to fix themselves any time soon as they have learned to operate lean and mean and are going to stay that way. The mergers and acquisitions that are still going on will mean less jobs not more.

Until they realize they are killing themselves slowly corporations will continue to operate with their heads in the sand.

We cannot wait for them to get their heads out of their …..well lets not go there!

It is time for us to move on and forward!

Job Seekers alphabet April 26, 2011

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In my evolutioncbl YouTube account I am making a series of Business form the kitchen videos for  the job seekers. I am going through the alphabet coming up with words to encourage you and help you move forward.

Join in and add on to what I have come up with.

You need some fun time too!

The end is in sight!? April 22, 2011

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The purist will note my double punctuation but there is a reason for it.

Watching a news segment yesterday on the McJob Fair a employment specialist said at the rate of jobs being created we will be back to pre-recession rates by 2018. What she neglected to say is that the vast majority of people will go from unemployed to under employed which really will not be helping the economic recovery.

There are still mergers and acquisition’s going on which usually means more layoffs. Companies are now starting to try and shed their poor earners by offering them up for sale. Or like Cisco just shudder the doors as the company doesn’t fit in anymore.

So yes it may take another 7 years to get America to work but don’t expect the economy to be as robust that will take much longer.

On another note, I get much enjoyment reading conflicting reports on the same day in the same location from different sources. While on Yahoo I read that the new home market is up 11.7% which sounds good if there are people to buy these houses. Why do I say this? Because further down the page  was another article that stated people are shying away from home ownership. How can there be both?

I can understand people wanting to shy away from home ownership due to the loss of value in their home when the market collapsed. Also the people who bought high and then were forced to sell low. So the question to ask is the new home market is that based on speculation? More than likely!  Also the whole home mortgage fiasco with there being so much confusion on who really owns your mortgage or the parts of it. So there will be a long running fear that even though you have been sending your check in you could still loose your house. So why buy into this mess?

I know that I really don’t want to buy a home. I would rather be a full-time RVer. The cost are less for insurance, maintenance, taxes, etc are less than homeownership. If I need to go elsewhere for work I would be able to  just unplug and go. Do not have to worry about if I could sell my house, would I be able to make a profit, would I make enough on the sale to pay a bigger portion of the new mortgage?

Anyway the end is in sight you just may have to tough it out for 7 more years hopefully!

LinkedIn profiles April 5, 2011

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There seems to be a little confusion between resumes and your LinkedIn profile. Many of you want to make them the same as to even doing a copy and paste.  This is wrong!!

Your profile is not limited to space like a resume may be.

Your profile can use plenty of white space and bullets to emphasize your accomplishments.

You can talk about your accomplishments in greater detail on your profile than you can on the resume.

You do not have to use dates for your work history if you think your past experience enhances your ability to attract others to what you do.

Your profile is not just about landing a job it is about telling your colleagues what you have to offer in the way of helping them with their problems.

When I set up my profile as a seeker I kept in mind that I didn’t want to have to go through a major change when I landed so I made it for my colleagues to show my area of expertise and ways that I could help them. I did this because that is what the hiring manager would want to know. If an HR or recruiter type were too lazy or ignorant to figure it out then I didn’t want to work for such a company anyway as it reflects on how the company is run and the culture.

Please do not do a copy and paste of your resume as your profile. It shows that you are lazy not efficient. Besides you are doing yourself a disservice by not fully highlighting your accomplishments.