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The end is in sight!? April 22, 2011

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The purist will note my double punctuation but there is a reason for it.

Watching a news segment yesterday on the McJob Fair a employment specialist said at the rate of jobs being created we will be back to pre-recession rates by 2018. What she neglected to say is that the vast majority of people will go from unemployed to under employed which really will not be helping the economic recovery.

There are still mergers and acquisition’s going on which usually means more layoffs. Companies are now starting to try and shed their poor earners by offering them up for sale. Or like Cisco just shudder the doors as the company doesn’t fit in anymore.

So yes it may take another 7 years to get America to work but don’t expect the economy to be as robust that will take much longer.

On another note, I get much enjoyment reading conflicting reports on the same day in the same location from different sources. While on Yahoo I read that the new home market is up 11.7% which sounds good if there are people to buy these houses. Why do I say this? Because further down the page  was another article that stated people are shying away from home ownership. How can there be both?

I can understand people wanting to shy away from home ownership due to the loss of value in their home when the market collapsed. Also the people who bought high and then were forced to sell low. So the question to ask is the new home market is that based on speculation? More than likely!  Also the whole home mortgage fiasco with there being so much confusion on who really owns your mortgage or the parts of it. So there will be a long running fear that even though you have been sending your check in you could still loose your house. So why buy into this mess?

I know that I really don’t want to buy a home. I would rather be a full-time RVer. The cost are less for insurance, maintenance, taxes, etc are less than homeownership. If I need to go elsewhere for work I would be able to  just unplug and go. Do not have to worry about if I could sell my house, would I be able to make a profit, would I make enough on the sale to pay a bigger portion of the new mortgage?

Anyway the end is in sight you just may have to tough it out for 7 more years hopefully!


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