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Rapture is a bust get back to your job search! May 23, 2011

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I am sure that most of you were hoping that at 6 PM last Saturday that you would be floating up to heaven and no longer had to worry about searching for that elusive job.

Well, I didn’t see any souls going to heaven and I didn’t feel any earthquake as I left my part time job at 6 PM for the walk home. I am glad I didn’t purchase the anti-vibration pads for my shoes for the stagger home!

I know some of you will tell me but we can hope can’t we? My reply would be without hope we cannot persevere through these trying times.

Hope is what drives us to keep getting up every morning and applying for more jobs. We all hope today will be the day.

I know the ones that have been unemployed for more than 99 weeks ( or 27 monthers as we call ourselves around here) may not have had enough worldly positions left to sell to make a dent in anything so I hope you didn’t succumb to doing that because now things are even worse.

I am hoping that no one drank the Kool-Aid Saturday!

Some may have felt that this was the escape for the worries and drudgery of job hunting. Some may have wished real hard that this guy was right and that there misery here on earth will come to an end. That they and their family could rejoice in heaven and live in peace. It is a nice dream but it isn’t reality as there is no proof that heaven even exists it is all based on faith in the belief that it does not on facts.

The reality is that we are still here and the we have to continue the struggle.

In closing I will just say be aware of those who would prey on people such as us and take advantage of us while we are desperate. DO NOT BUY any tickets to the Real Rapture, date to be announced later. It is a scam and I would hate to see any unemployed people fall for it.


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