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Greed Emotion or sickness? December 7, 2012

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greed Noun /grēd/ 

noun: greediness, avidity, avarice, cupidity, rapacity,gluttony, voracity, covetousness, lust

  1. Intense and selfish desire for something, esp. wealth, power, or food

The vast majority will not fully read this blog and those that do will dismiss it as they do not want to hear the truth.

Greed is nothing new it has been around since the dawn of man. It has caused wars and family destruction.

We all have a greed of money to some extent. The vast majority of us can keep it in check or at least to a healthy perspective. I consider this an emotion.

It is when people cross the line of greed being a sickness that has become a plague. It has overcome Wall Street, top shareholders and C-Level staffs.

Greed the Sickness:

When greed the sickness starts to take over the person it starts by clouding their judgement to what is morally right. The person is still capable of making rational decisions at this point. The further the sickness progresses the person will see friends and family as a means to increase their own wealth. This will eventually cross over into their corporate world as they are being pressured by major shareholders who have already succumbed to the sickness want more and higher dividends. 

It becomes so overwhelming that their thought process is just filled with how can I get more. It is just as bad as a heroin addiction. You get a fix which gives you a short lived high then you are back wanting more. 

They are now totally run by greed and have lost all possible ability for rational thought. The only thoughts are how do I get more and where can I get more. 

Even when they gather among themselves they are planning and plotting the demise of those they see as weaker and an easy target to gain their wealth.

I recently had a discussion or at least tried to, on how Corporate America has forgotten the basics of business. Their must be free cash in the market in order for the market to survive. The main markets were the United States Europe and Japan. With the concept of cheap labor in China and the mass migration to it caused by greed has led to the destruction of the markets.

How you ask?  By going to offshore cheap labor it reduced the need for domestic labor which was laid off. Wait the answer to your problem is to cause damage to your greatest market just so that you can have more money. How can this be rational thought?  The answer they gave themselves is, it is okay China will be the new market. But wait you are in China for the cheap labor how will they be able to afford the high price of your products?  Once in China they found out the costs were higher than expected due to corruption and that China is protective of their own market. 

Back in their home markets with so many people unemployed and no one hiring the market is loosing free cash and starting to dry up. People have less buying power and have to spend only on essentials which do not include your products. So now your demand goes down and supply goes up. Normally you would drive prices down to diminish supply down to the equilibrium point. But you are greedy so you leave prices the same or increase them and seek new markets. The greed plague has taken over the other large markets so your option is to develop new markets. That is too costly and you need a fix now as you are going through withdrawals. lay off more people take you company to bare bone lean and mean. Damn the morale full speed ahead. Wait you just further destroyed your best market what are you thinking? Oh yes just how to get more money in your pocket. 

People use to laugh at me when 5 years ago I started saying, “Welcome to America the next Third World Nation.”  The people are not laughing so much any more.

The world is slowly turning back into the haves and the have not. When it reaches the point the haves will turn on each other in order to further their have attitude. At some point when it is down to only one have left the people will revolt and start over again.

We in America look to Washington to protect us and stop this insanity but the money mongers have joined forces with the power mongers and their is no hope for the masses.

The money mongers do not care about anyone or anything except wealth. It has taken over their every thought. They cannot see anything but how to make more money. They no longer care about leadership or morals. They lack compassion and understanding. They are completely consumed by greed. They cannot see that they are destroying themselves and their business(es) in pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

Some will tell me that the market will once again find its equilibrium point. I believe these people are hoping it does but I think deep in their hearts know better. It is just what they tell themselves to sleep better at night. 

Those of us that are awake and alert can see the truth and we must put the word out to awaken others.

As long as we stay a debt based nation we will remain in trouble. As long as manufacturing stays offshore we will be in trouble.  History has proved that manufacturing nations are always stronger. That governments that print their own money have more prosperity. As long as the Federal Reserve controls our money we will be in trouble. The same holds true for England and other countries where banks control the money. The banks are owned and operated by money mongers who have succumb to greed. They want to keep countries under their control and under debt so that they can make even more money.

Greed has taken over as the supreme ruler of the world.



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