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LinkedIn profiles April 5, 2011

Posted by jvmullin in Job Searching, Job Searching.
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There seems to be a little confusion between resumes and your LinkedIn profile. Many of you want to make them the same as to even doing a copy and paste.  This is wrong!!

Your profile is not limited to space like a resume may be.

Your profile can use plenty of white space and bullets to emphasize your accomplishments.

You can talk about your accomplishments in greater detail on your profile than you can on the resume.

You do not have to use dates for your work history if you think your past experience enhances your ability to attract others to what you do.

Your profile is not just about landing a job it is about telling your colleagues what you have to offer in the way of helping them with their problems.

When I set up my profile as a seeker I kept in mind that I didn’t want to have to go through a major change when I landed so I made it for my colleagues to show my area of expertise and ways that I could help them. I did this because that is what the hiring manager would want to know. If an HR or recruiter type were too lazy or ignorant to figure it out then I didn’t want to work for such a company anyway as it reflects on how the company is run and the culture.

Please do not do a copy and paste of your resume as your profile. It shows that you are lazy not efficient. Besides you are doing yourself a disservice by not fully highlighting your accomplishments.




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