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Success can come from some strange places August 19, 2010

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I have a friend Nick Iandolo who is a screenwriter and fellow WIND member.  Nick is a high energy person who is fun to be around as it is contagious for one thing and to watch him shutter trying to release his pent up energy is just fun to watch.

So what does Nick have to do with the topic? Well the story goes like this. Nick wrote a book “Cut the crap and write that damn screen play” , great book go to Amazon and buy it it is worth the read. ANy way in the process of getting his book published he needed a cover.  The cover needed artwork or pictures. Nick gets the crazy idea to enlist his friends in role model playing. I played McKee a pretentious author of book on writing who has you do more writing about writing than actually doing the writing. I hope you followed that because I can’t do that twice.  So we set up outside B Goods at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA, Great burgers and thick strawberry shakes! Anyway we are outside using the patio furniture and I play McKee and Nick jumps in my face screaming the title of his book. The people sitting around us were either amused or in shock it was hard to tell.

Anyway cut to scene two:

Nick lands himself on Money Matters radio. This is cool he can push his book. Yes that is me on the back cover at the top! Anyway Nick promoted the hell out of being on the show.

I do not have an AM antenna on my stereo so I am forced to go online and watch the streaming video and audio.  I realize that they are only focusing on a niche market for the book …screenwriters. Wait! I have read the book and I am not a screenwriter the book is for everyone. So I do the right thing. I call into the show to tell them this!.

Nick the host and I have a good laugh when I reveal that it is I on the back of the book. I tell her that Nick’s book has inspired me, a business person, to write my first book. My book will be title LinkedIn screwdriver or power tool?

Scene Three:

I get invited to do a show, Ah! Networking at its finest! So I go and do my show and push my new business Evolution Career Business Leadership. I get a mention in of my branding statement; “You train dogs you coach athletes We develop people!” Denis Vaughan was a great host and made the show very fun.

Is that it???? You got your own time on the show. How melodramatic for this topic.

Ah but here is scene 4: Fade in!

They sent me the wrong audio files. So in trying to get the right files I receive an email from the station that the Program Manager liked my “On Air” presence and wants to talk to me about further shows.

I have an appointment Monday so I will have to add a comment as to the conclusion of this.

But if you look at the sequence of events you can see that you never know where your success will come from.

From a crazy friend having a crazy idea for a book cover to getting on radio.

Always keep your options open you never know where they may lead you.

My comment could be that I am just going to do a series of shows or it could be that I get my own show. Whatever the outcome it has been a wild ride getting there. I am enjoying the ride while it last.

What ride is coming your way or is starting to brew for you?


1. Michael Strout - August 19, 2010

I started in radio and broadcast 38 years ago and can’t get past all the “wannaBE” newbies and their degrees and you fall into into doing a radio show!! How Ironic, LOLOLOL
Congratulations Joseph!! I know you’ll make the best of it!!

jvmullin - August 19, 2010

Yes stumbled would be a good word to use. Falling into is yet to be scene. When I hear my recoded voice I think it sounds so much different than my real voice.
I will know Monday afternoon whether I just stumbled or if I am in free fall. I will let you know.

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