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Long term unemployment July 12, 2010

Posted by jvmullin in Job Searching, Job Searching.

I like a large number of unemployed have been ou of work more than 6 months. For me it has been 1 year and 9 months.

It leads to high levels of stress, health and family issues. I t leads to us loosing our focus and turning desperate which makes finding the right job even worse.

I hear the desperation in the voices of my fellow WIND members each week. I want to help each one of them but at this time all I can give is understanding and moral support.

Now t make matters even worse for all of us Congress has not voted a further extension of benefits and corporate America had decided to further their own problems by not even looking at unemployed candidates who have been out of work more than 6 months.

Where and when will this vicious circle end. The whole world is in a catch 22 situation and every one is afraid to make the first move to get us out of it. This has shown the world and stakeholders just what a lack of leadership there is on all levels.  Where are the companies that can show that they have grown and prospered in this economy. There isn’t any. Instead they have cut to the bare necessities and basically gone into a catatonic state waiting for someone else to solve the problem so they can awaken as some beautiful butterfly. However it is there actions that will awaken them as an ugly moth.

Lets look at economics 101 for us to understand where they have failed miserably.

To make money you have to have a market and sell products.

To sell products you must have people with free cash to buy these products

In order for people to have free cash they must have jobs and a reasonable amount of debt

So the more people employed the more free cash the more sales.

Employed= free cash=sales= profits

So what has corporate America done to destroy this concept?

Minimum employees, minimum production, sold off all assets not currently used, to produce false profits, in order to keep stocks even or increased.

So basically companies are trying to perform dot com bubble economics, we will sell stocks based on air(false profits).

The dot com bubble burst causing a number of companies to disappear. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe the unemployed should look at this as an opportunity and start a new business that will take the place of the ones that will disappear.

There are a number of highly qualified unemployed people from all levels and aspects of a company. Get out of your slump and start discussing what business you can unite together to start. IF you cannot find employment create it.

Isn’t that what America strong. We need to develop a Phoenix mentality. We are in the ashes and now is the time to rise up stronger and better than we were before we turned to ashes.

I have started the process. I have started my own company. Evolution Career Business Leadership (AKA Evolution CBL) to help you, to help businesses see the error of their ways, to help  leaders develop the skills they need or enhance the ones they have to move America forward once again.

We are American we don’t quit we band together to help each other out and to become stronger. You cannot keep us down! We will rise with even a stronger voice and determination than we had before. Being an American is about perseverance about building and rebuilding, about helping each other our neighbors, our friends, and strangers.

It is time to unite with one voice and tell the nation we are made as hell and will not take it anymore. If we need to do it with our votes the next election then let politicians know they are on the block and the axe is sharpened.

Get out of your slump, get positive get engaged and get going!

I challenge all my fellow unemployed friends and colleagues to make a new America. Start new companies start new businesses struggle if you have to. I know that I am struggling getting my business going but I am determined I am focused and I will not quit. I have been forming allies and I am calling on them to help me. I challenge you to do the same. If you have been cultivating a dream then now is the time to make it happen. Get with other unemployed people who could form a company and figure it out.

I am here to help you.


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