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Seekers we still need humor! February 26, 2010

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I was establishing a network contact today. It is a stretch in that I am trying to go to a 4th degree.

My 1st degree knows his 1st degree ( my 2nd) knows someone (my 1st 2nd and his 1st 1st) at a company that I am interested in. Did you follow all that?

So my 1st send me a note about the introduction to his 1st about his 2nd. Then he tells me to be patient.

Here is the funny part;

I reply that I learned patience from my volunteer work performing underwater recovery.

He replies, “That’s funny it is a trait that I was born with”

I reply, ” Then I guess I have a weakness to talk about in an interview”


Okay! since I am loosing my mind about loosing my last 2 extensions my mind has warped!

So I am thinking about misleading job postings. You know the ones that get you excited them let you down.

For example here is the title of the job: Engagement Manager or even Sr. Engagement Manager

For us who know what that is it is a really good job and position.

Now here is the company: E-Harmony.com

Now just think of your own ad here! It could be hilarious!

Responsible for ensuring that our matches based on 39 points of compatibility get engaged to boost our standings in the matchmaking industry. Allowing us to grow market share and put Match.com out of business.


I saw this on Twitter today it is a cute one.

What would you have if everyone bought a white car?

You would have a white car-nation!

I told you I was loosing it didn’t I warn you. LOL


I know why Obama has big ears! It is from his parents and friends grabbing him by the ears and banging his head into a wall to get his attention!

Do I hear any takers America????????


Add your jokes to this post  to help us keep our sense of humor during these trying times.


1. Tom Faretra - February 26, 2010

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

2. Paul Czeropski - March 3, 2010

I found your blog through one of your LinkedIn posts regarding age discrimination (currently @ 700 posts over 2 months). As a 47 yr old too-much experience too-little-education guy I have enjoyed reading what you’ve written and find I relate to a good majority of it. As I read it and others of the same flavor it makes me think of my own Dad and the values and work ethic he instilled in me since birth. Keep up the good work!!!

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