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Perceptions Fact or fiction? January 8, 2010

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We all develop perceptions of things or situations based on a number of inputs. Some of the information is based on facts some on hearsay, some on what we trust to be true.

So lets look at some job seeker perceptions and try to examine both sides based on what I know and what I am purely speculating about. That out to make this more fun and open it up to good replies and more controversy.

I have dealt with this topic in other posts but it still needs to be included for obvious reasons.

HR and Recruiters have no respect for job seekers!

This perception can be easily drawn by the lack of common courtesy by both these groups. But as I have stated these groups have also suffered in this recession and most HR Dept. are cut to the bare bone. As I have stated before this is not an excuse for their lack of common courtesy and disrespect.

We are not hiring because there is a lack of qualified candidates out there!

This is not something that has come about in this recession. This is the spin that was put out years ago so companies good live with their decision to hire cheap foreign labor for the sake of shareholder equity over that of the moral obligations to the people who help build the company to what it is.

To me this is just bunk! Do companies really believe this ridiculous statement? Has the management in this country gotten that convoluted that they now believe their own lies?  Has management been reduced to mere slaves of greed and power that they are blinded  to their own short comings?

Companies place job postings for candidates that do not exist and if they did wouldn’t work for that company anyway because of the salary they expect this person to jump at being highly thankful for the opportunity.

Maybe it is time that we get agents like the major sports players have. So we can have the BS line that it is about the love of the  job not the money! While my agent lands me a multi-million dollar contract for 3 years. That package would include a sweet exit deal where I get paid the same no matter if I produce or royally screw up like CEO packages today.

The Recession is over!

What world are the idiots who came up with that line living in? Unemployment is still growing, homes are still being foreclosed on, people are running out of UI benefits because they have been out that long, and companies are not planning on hiring until mid 2010 MAYBE! They must think we have all become blind followers and that we are mindless zombies that will believe nay hype that is out there.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is working!

Wow! Here is a waste of tax dollars and the whole premise was a great idea but the execution is nearly impossible. Let me take a number of autonomous departments (CIA, FBI, Secret Service, etc.) who have been like top competitors with each other and tell them that now they have to play nice and share with each other.

Like that worked on the Anniversary of 911 in 2009 with the Coast Guard having a live gun exercise on the Potomac River right across from where the President is having a gig. The other agencies claimed they knew nothing about it. Is the head of the Coast Guard still in office? If so that would be a bad move to have such a moron in a place where he could conduct such a thoughtless act.  The panic and the cost that he was the cause of would be sufficient grounds to have him join the ranks of us unencunbered by employment.

Who was the moron that made the statement that the TSA security is working when a known terrorist on a watch list can even board a plane for America. No to mention that this person also had explosive materials on his body. The fact that this person father even notified the government that he thought his son was up to something. Do they really expect to have us feel relieved and feel safe? I for one will never feel safe with DHS unless the can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they really know what they are doing and that the premise is really working. There have been too many slip ups since the start.

Job Boards are still the best place to find a job!

…………..Sorry I had to stop laughing so I can type. Job boards according to statistics only account for 5% of the jobs being landed. Job seekers who are performing due diligence in their search have found that many jobs do not exist, that some are just phishing expeditions, some are just so recruiters can get their hands on your resume and boost their number of candidate numbers. Then there is Craiglists where most jobs are scam covers.

So these perceptions, how much do you think is based on facts and what is conjecture?


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