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Attitude while job hunting November 10, 2009

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The biggest problem facing some is their attitude towards or while job hunting. We have been programmed to think that as a person we are not whole if we do not have a job. We even relate to ourselves by the title we hold. We feel unworthy when we loose our jobs and it has a negative effect on our outlook and our attitude.

Even though some of us give an outward appearance of being up and having the right attitude in the back of our minds we still have that little flame of negativity. However we know it is there and wish to try hard to extinguish it.

The bad part about getting or being negative is that it doesn’t take a lot of our energy to become negative, but it takes a lot of our energy to overcome it.  That takes work and the work is hard but once you get positive you need to do all that you can to stay there.

Why do I need to be positive? Because when you get that interview your negativity will shine like a beacon on a dark moonless night. It will have an effect on the way and what you say on the answers you give. It will have an effect on the way you perform your job search.

Take the negativity that you hear in the media and turn it into a positive aspect. What are you nuts? Well yes I guess or I am extremely intelligent! I take that negativity about the jobless number and the economy and look at it as if someone just handed me a challenge. Don’t you like to be challenged? It makes things more exciting when we are challenged.  When the numbers get worse it is as if someone just added more difficulty to the challenge. You just have to say hey bring it on I am up for it!!!  I take a little time and rethink my strategy. I have to plan my course of attack in a more vigorous manner if I want to win.  We all want to win and get back to having a normal life.

How do I change my attitude from negative to positive? Start by surrounding yourself with positive people. Their positive energy will actually start to transfer over to you and it will help you change your attitude. Tell yourself that you  are better than the way you currently view yourself.  Don’t take a defeatist attitude take the attitude that you are intelligent, talented, have great skills to offer that you are an asset to any company that you work for.

There is a company out there that needs you. They just don’t know it yet. It is our job as seekers to convince these companies that they have been struggling without us. That they need highly talented people such as ourselves in order for them to realize greater profit margins.  We have the experience, talent and skills to save them time, make them money and solve problems.

That is the attitude that I take. That is what keeps me going and makes me positive. I know how good I am and what I have accomplished at every company that I have worked for. Now I have to convince a company that they need my talents.

It is too bad that someone doesn’t event a negativity repellent that we could use during these times to keep negativity away from us. However we are equipped with something more powerful than a spray. It is our minds and our intellect. We have the ability and the power to change our attitude. We have the power to make our lives what we want it to be. Our minds are the most powerful tool in our arsenal and we have the right and the ability to exercise it for the good of ourselves. But, since this tool is that powerful we also have the ability to destroy ourselves with the same tool if that is what we let it do. Our minds do not have a failsafe switch that says negativity detected shut the gates. Our minds cannot differentiate between positive and negative. It will react to either. Our bodies however are a feedback mechanism for our mind ( thankfully our bodies are a complex system of checks and balances if in proper working order). Our body will broadcast signals that something isn’t right. We are tired, run down, sleepy, bored, unsocial, no motivation, etc. These are signs that you are in negative mode. You should see these as red flags, flashing warning lights, sirens and it should be a call to action. Stop, think about what is going on with you. No one likes to be miserable, at least I hope not, take inventory of your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings. Make an action plan to reverse these and swing yourself back to the positive you.

If you find you are having trouble doing this on your own seek help. But make sure you seek help from positive people because the negative people will only worsen your condition.

You can land a job faster with a positive attitude and the right game plan!

I wish everyone a positive attitude and good fortune in your search!


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