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I have been without a computer for a week, I felt lost! October 29, 2009

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Have you ever had that happen to you? You are in the job search and trying to find that elusive career. You are like one in the same with your computer. You are inseperable. Then bam your computer dies! I was smart enough to keep all my important documents on a thumb drive so I wasn’t at a total loss. However, it still feel like you just lost a close friend, you are quite sure what you should do, you wander aimlessly in the house trying to figure out what you can do now.

Being a job seeker I have access to the local career center computers. Have you ever used their computers. I can tell you at times it is frustrating especially when you have signed up for a webinar and they have the network and computer set up so you cannot access it.  You just sit their cursing that you should have your own computer so that you can stay up on all the latest job search techniques or other important webinars about your profession.

Well I am back to being almost elated. I was told by tech support that they would be able to transfer all my data to a new drive.  Well they lied, they didn’t so I spend a few hours reloading a lot of software and hardware drivers. I had to reload Google Chrome which I find a god send for what I can do with it that IE cannot. The speed is worth the switch.

I can have multiple pages open and switch between them with no delay.

Well I am back and will try to get back to job search techniques and hints next week.


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