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Since You are not busy. SAY WHAT!!! October 14, 2009

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I was having dinner with my girl friend the other night and she wanted me to do some research for her on the net. Granted she has a full and a part time job so I am glad to help her out. But to start the conversation with,”Since you are not busy” just set me off. It also got me thinking, how many other spouses and significant others think or feel that we are “not busy”?

Do you have one of these? Let me know and maybe I will post your story here or you can add comment to this blog.

To continue her next line was, “Well since you have more time than me”, my reply was, “Excuse me!”.  Any way she got deeper on the next sentence and I just told her to stop and just tell me what she wanted me to research.

To job search in this economy takes more work than it has ever had to in the past. Between finding the right opportunities, researching the company, the job, networking your way into the company, writing , phone calls, meetings, etc. I guess she was right we are not busy. That is on top of forming strategies and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

Half joking I tell people that I am looking for a job because my current job(hunting for one) doesn’t pay well for the amount of work that I have to put into it, has lousy benefits, no room for promotion(except landing a job), keeps me busy so I have no life balance(like I could afford one) and so I am looking for a easier position with good pay and benefits.

Currently besides looking for a job I am also a technical advisor to a possible start up company. I am researching technology and physics to develop a product so we can get funding and I can have that easier job that I am trying to find.

Then again my girlfriend thinks that I am not busy. Well since you other job seekers are not busy either let me hear what you have to say. Be nice to my girl friend she meant well.


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