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I just got laid off now what do I do? October 9, 2009

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Loosing your job is like loosing a friend or loved one. It is a very emotional time. Give your self a day or two to grieve and understand the loss. Then move on.

The next day or two may be ones of anger towards the old company or manager(be easy on the manager it may not have been his fault remember he reports to a higher authority)and this is okay. How do you handle it in a healthy manner? You have to get it out of your system. Sit down and write the most scathing nasty letter that vents all your issues on the lay off to the company and the manager. Once you have finished the letter, pour yourself a drink, relax then put the letter in the shredder.

Okay  I have grieved and vented what next?

Now it is time to get down to business! This could be a great opportunity for you if you decide it to be.

First you have to decide do I want to stay in the same position or do I want a challenge and move up a notch. Do I want to stay in the same industry or try something new.  Once you have decide that then sit down and write out your skills and accomplishments. Do they fit your new plan? If they do not quite fit then what. Then it is time for researching and networking to gain more insight into the position you are seeking.

Once you have accumulated all this information it is time to form your game plan. Treat it as a project with objectives, milestones, dependencies, interdependencies, and rewards. Now execute the plan.

This will get you  started.


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