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Presentations October 2, 2009

Posted by jvmullin in Job Searching.

I have developed 2 job searching power point presentations. One is about job hunting the other is on developing a web presence using LinkedIn. These presentations are in my LinkedIn profile under slide share. The first is titled WIND South and the second is title Developing a web presence using LinkedIn.  My linkedIn profile is JosephMullinmba. WIND is a networking organization for unemployed professionals in Massachusetts.  I wrote these to help fellow unemployed professionals. I have given the WIND South presentation 5 times to WIND groups and 2 Career Center groups. It was also used in Colorado at a group similar to WIND. It has been voted favorite presentationby a person in Chicago on LinkedIn.

I am listed on LinkedIn as a job search knowledge expert.

My hope is to help fellow unemployed professionals and to give others an understanding of what we are going through. If others have the misfortune to join us I hope the insights and tools I provide will help them as well.


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